Tree Specialists is always busy and always looking for good people with a variety of backgrounds and experience levels to join our team. We offer great pay and benefits, with a work environment that is professional without being corporate. Please review our positions, and then complete our employment application form.

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Arborist Trainee

Pay Range $16-$20/hour

Ground level position – little or no green industry experience needed, but a documented work ethic is required. Ideal candidate will be responsible, reliable, personable, and physically capable of performing labor. This position is transitional in nature and will lead to climbing or plant health care as a matter of course (see below). Valid license and the ability to obtain a Class B CDL license (within 6 months of employment) is also required. For the right person, this is a great opportunity to begin a career or transition from your existing profession.

Climbing Arborist

Pay Range $21-$29/hour

A person who has some knowledge and experience in the trade, is comfortable working aloft, and maintains a willingness to learn more about the “patients” we are hired to treat.

Plant Health Care Arborist

Pay Range $16–$25/hour

For the person with a love of trees and a healthy curiosity about what makes them grow, but with a preference for remaining “ground bound.” Again, we will consider all levels of experience, as long as the credentials indicate a self-motivated learner who enjoys working independently.

Crew Leader Arborist

Pay Range $30-$35/hour

A person with all the fundamentals in place and a history of personal growth and development. Requires solid technical facility and good communication skills. Licenses, certifications, and a history of success are a plus.

Many thanks to Wesley and his crew for the fine job on my trees. They were courteous and respectful at all times, and worked well as a team. I appreciate their professionalism—no smoking or foul language, keeping me informed, answering my questions. It has been a pleasure to do business with the company.”— Liz Cross, Residential Client, Needham, MA