Tree Pruning

Pruning is the most common structural tree care practice performed by Tree Specialists. We take great care to evaluate the needs of each specimen individually and apply the proper technique to achieve the desired objective. Our tree pruning expertise includes:

  • crown cleaning to reduce dead, dying, or poorly-formed limbs within the canopy
  • crown reduction for reducing the physical size and weight of individual limbs or the entire canopy
  • crown thinning for improving light and air flow through the canopy
  • crown raising for providing clearance over buildings, sidewalks, paths, driveways, or understory plantings
  • specialty pruning or artistic pruning to achieve a desired shape and form

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Properly pruned trees are more attractive and structurally stable, better able to withstand the ravages of our stormy New England weather. All of Tree Specialists pruning treatments are based on the ANSI A300 Pruning Standards, recognized by professional arborists nationwide.

Watching the crew work is like watching trapeze artists! They are amazing.— Barbara Keough, Residential Client, Sherborn, MA