In many situations, the best service we can provide for our clients is experience and expertise. At Tree Specialists, our team of certified consulting arborists provide a full range of consultation services.

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Tree Risk Assessment

A thorough exploratory inspection of an individual tree or group of trees to assess the potential risk and consequences of structural failure. The assessment considers three factors: the tree’s failure potential, the setting in which the tree grows, and potential targets. Typically includes recommendations for ameliorating the risk.

Tree Inventory & Assessment

Examination and cataloging of a population of trees, identifying species, condition, location, and generally providing prioritized maintenance needs. Criteria and recommendations are customized to the site and the goals of the property owner or manager.

Vegetation Assessment & Management Plans

Large, complex, or historic landscapes often benefit from a formalized maintenance plan. Customized site-specific plans are intended to support, enhance, and guide existing maintenance programs while providing targeted planning, budgeting, and conservation of natural resources. These plans can include:

  • existing condition assessment
  • plant inventory
  • maintenance goals & objectives
  • site maps
  • tree inventory & assessment
  • seasonal maintenance calendars
  • contractor specifications
  • replanting strategies

Horticultural Consultation Service

In addition to tree preservation, we offer a range of horticultural services such as plant inventories, plant and soil diagnostics, and site-specific planting plans.

What is a consulting arborist? Tree Specialists has consulting arborists on staff. Consulting arborists are the authoritative experts on trees, whose objective, comprehensive viewpoints ensure the safety, health, and preservation of trees.

I have worked with Barbara on many projects over the last decade. Her extensive knowledge of plants, plant culture, and plant care is invaluable. The designs of landscapes hold little value without ongoing management and Barbara’s work in this field has been a critical part of the success of projects that have involved her. Above and beyond just her professional knowledge, Barbara’s wit, thoughtfulness, and steady attention to detail make working with her all the more rewarding.— Gigi Saltonstall, Landscape Architect, Principal, Salt Studio, Belmont, MA