Many thanks for your immediate response when I contacted you Sunday night about the large branch that had fallen and was blocking the road at Springhouse Pond. Without hesitation you both offered to come that night or first thing Monday morning. Fortunately some residents were able to remove enough of the branch so cars could get through.

However, as promised, one of your crews came Monday afternoon and remove the large branch as well as the smaller branches which people had cut and dragged off the road. Now, the only sign of the incident is a gaping hole in the trunk of the tree.

We have always been impressed with the work Tree Specialists has done for many years at Springhouse.  Your immediate response Sunday night reinforces that high regard.

—Barbara P.

Tree Specialists do outstanding work in my experience. I couldn't be more satisfied. And my trees couldn't be happier and healthier as a result!

—Andrew C.

Rolf has done tree work for us since the late 1990s. His crew is professional, and the trees they plant are top quality. His recommendations allowed us to save an ancient maple that was having difficulties.

—A. D., Stow

My wife and I have been working with Tree Specialists for over 12 years, and we have relied on them exclusively for their excellence in arboriculture. We personally rely upon them for my own 5-acre property. My wife continually refers her clients to Tree Specialists in need of tree care services and has never received any negative feedback. It is clear that Tree Specialists has a tremendous commitment to tree care excellence and prides themselves on maintaining the highest level of expertise and professionalism in the industry. The level of knowledge and comfort Rolf and his team provide through their consulting expertise has been very valuable when cases of tree health may not be clear cut. Rolf has always been a pleasure to work with personally. We value his recommendations tremendously and have truly enjoyed the relationship we have developed throughout the years.

—Don P.

I have had the wonderful pleasure of using and relying completely on owner Rolf Briggs and his large and very professional crews at Tree Specialists since 2000. In addition to providing ongoing and periodic tree removal, Tree Specialists has provided me with regular/seasonal total tree/shrub care, including special root feeding, pruning, disease control, air spading and site clearing, and cabling of upper limbs in danger of cracking. The frequent and professional free consulting and hand holding has been invaluable.

I have a large 2-acre, well-cultivated and maintained residential property. Additionally, office/commercial properties also have required Tree Specialists' attention as a result of wind and snow storms. Emergency tree clean up responsiveness has been terrific… truly professional.

Both Rolf personally and his team of experts have been extremely enjoyable to work with over the years, and the firm is very reliable and dependable. One of the best aspects of their work has been to examine thoroughly and review the plantings on the properties regularly, identify any current and potential future health concerns, and provide well-written documentation/analysis. The Action Plans and budgets have helped prevent future and expensive emergency tree work… and been critical in keeping all plantings in optimal health and shape.

Cannot say enough great things about Tree Specialists… the best of the very best!

—Dean R.

We have used Tree Specialists for a number of years to remove trees, prune, and take care of all other aspects of tree maintenance on our property. They always do a really great job and are attentive to our property's condition and our needs. We cannot recommend them more highly!

—Megan N., Lincoln

I've used Tree Specialists for a number of years, and I've always been highly satisfied with their top-level expertise and quality of work. I love trees, and with Tree Specialists, it feels like I have found kindred spirits in taking excellent care of the plants on my property. Just last week I had pruning work done on a number of trees, and they did a super job. Highly professional and hugely knowledgeable and skillful. I have nothing but praise for the help that they have given me over the years.

—Andy C., Natick

I have worked with Rolf and Tree Specialists for over 15 years at three different homes. They are always professional, dependable, and reasonably priced. I find their advice reliable, and they don't over-service. They have brought several valuable trees back to health from various blights and diseases, and they explain why they recommend something. I would highly recommend them to anyone who cares about their trees.

—Ron R., Brookline

After unhappily working with two landscape companies, we started working with Tree Specialists and have been thrilled with their services and professionalism. Everyone at Tree Specialists with whom we have communicated and worked is professional, pleasant, polite, and above all, expert at landscaping and highly knowledge about trees and plantings. Tree Specialists just did a major pruning and bracing of our backyard birches. The team of four did a phenomenal job, cleaned up the yard as though they hadn't even been on site, and answered all of our questions. We were thrilled with the result. Rolf's passion for trees and plantings is contagious – he is personable, incredibly knowledgeable, highly communicative, and makes sure that his clients receive the highest level of service. We highly recommend Tree Specialists!

—Linda L., Boston

Our family has used this company for tree service for many years. They respond quickly and have always provided us with great service. They took care of my mom and her yard with the care of a family member. I appreciated that they got to know her and made sure she was taken care of and not overcharged. They cleaned up and left the yard neat every time. I cannot recommend them more highly and appreciate the care they have shown us over the years.

—Lisa N., Cotuit

Your guys are always friendly and helpful. Rolf is always patient and accommodating with me. That's why we continue to rely on your advice and services!

—Linda Grignolo, Residential Client, Wellesley, MA

The talented team at Tree Specialists blends a deep knowledge of design, infrastructure, and botany to achieve superior results. Our home and farm landscape reflect this synergy and a true respect for the land.

—Dr John D. Halamka and Kathy Halamka, Unity Farm, Sherborn

As a member of the board of a 60-unit condominium complex, I have worked with David Ropes of Tree Specialists for the past three years as he assessed our 20-year-old property that encompasses five streets with diverse, complex, and evolving needs. After completing a detailed report on the current landscape condition and quality, Tree Specialists developed a multi-year management plan that helped the Board to prioritize the work with an eye on sound environmental practice, sustainability, and budget constraints. We look forward to completing this renewal project that has already reduced our maintenance costs and improved the appearance of the property. Tree Specialists is a fabulous company with an extremely knowledgeable, capable, and professional staff who are always available to answer questions and share information.

—Nancy Nizel, Board of Trustees, The Arbors at Bellows Farm, Acton, MA

As a landscape professional, I have had the pleasure of working and consulting with Rolf and Barbara Briggs of Tree Specialists for over 25 years. I highly value their expert advice and services in both tree care and landscape design. Rolf and Barbara are truly an asset to the Green Industry. They not only have decades of knowledge and experience, but they also work tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge with the most current and sound arboricultural and horticultural practices in order to offer their clients the best value for their services.

—Kip Wilson, MCH, Estate Gardeners, Wellesley, MA

We've been Tree Specialists customers (and fans) for more than 20 years. Rolf, Barbara, and all the crew members who've worked here over the years have done an outstanding job of tree care, landscape design, and plant health care. We feel lucky to know them and think they're the best in the business.

—Susan and Frank Tarantino, Residential Client, Wellesley, MA

For more than seven years, Tree Specialists has been and continues to be the "go-to" company for landscape consulting and maintenance services for the Springhouse Pond Condominium Association, a 25-acre complex. Over the years, the Association has been so pleased with Tree Specialists diverse services that we have hired them to design a master landscape plan and prioritized annual maintenance plans, as well as to provide on-site tree pruning, removal, replacement, and disease control.

—Barbara Pryor, Chair, Springhouse Pond Landscape Committee, Sudbury, MA

In my position as Horticulturist/Superintendent on a large private estate in Wellesley, I'm responsible for maintaining many spectacular specimen trees ranging up to 350 years old. Over a period of many years, Tree Specialists has provided us with a wide range of tree care services including: cabling, pruning, feeding, air spading, lightning protection, fungicidal injections, etc. I especially like the fact that on numerous occasions, Rolf and his topflight staff have freely provided helpful advice, information and expertise even when I'm not hiring them for a specific job. They have invariably impressed me with their knowledgeability and professionalism.

—Estate Superintendent/Horticulturist, Residential Client

I have worked with Tree Specialists in a variety of settings, particularly highly-significant historic landscapes and sensitive ecosystems. In all situations, Tree Specialists exhibit clear knowledge and appreciation of the specific site conditions and are quickly and efficiently able to identify priority tasks and develop and implement a variety of strategies to accomplish a particular goal. This includes both the physical work performed by trained arborists, as well as thoughtful and well-written vegetation management plans and landscape inventories and assessments that are essential to landscape design and restoration. This integration of services is particularly noteworthy with the added benefit of experienced professional staff who are a joy to work with.

—Lauren Meier, ASLA, Historic Preservationist

I first met Rolf Briggs 20 years ago when I hired Tree Specialists to help me with the protection of a heavily-wooded lot during residential construction. Rolf was able to preserve every major tree on the property through very careful tree management and ensured the continued value of the land. Since then, I have hired Tree Specialists exclusively to care for all of my trees, including tree selection, plantings, pruning, removals, and fertilization programs, all professionally executed. I rely on Rolf's recommendations, and am confident that Tree Specialists' work has enhanced the beauty of my property and prevented costly storm damage despite the age and large size of my trees. I highly recommend Tree Specialists to anyone looking for quality tree work executed by professional Certified Arborists at a reasonable price.

—Cauleen Liston, Residential Client, Westborough, MA

I have worked with and relied upon Barbara's horticultural services for nine years. I find Barbara's horticultural expertise with plant communities, as well as planting and management best practices, invaluable to my work. Barbara's high level of professionalism mixed with humor and warmth is a welcome addition to any project.

—Elizabeth Gourley, Landscape Architect, Principal, Elizabeth Gourley Design, Belmont, MA

It is impressive to watch their skilled tree crew at work, whether maneuvering a crane or a bucket or throwing ropes and climbing the trees. It is a pleasure to work with Tree Specialists; they respect our ideas, and it is comforting that they are there should nature strike.

—John Turtle, Residential Client, Wellesley Hills, MA

Those at Tree Specialists are friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough. They consider our property as a whole, as well significant features within the landscape. Our dealings have been very positive, and we recommend them highly.

—Vicki Saltonstall (Mrs. G. West), Residential Client, Chestnut Hill, MA

I have worked with Barbara on many projects over the last decade. Her extensive knowledge of plants, plant culture, and plant care is invaluable. The designs of landscapes hold little value without ongoing management, and Barbara's work in this field has been a critical part of the success of projects that have involved her. Above and beyond just her professional knowledge, Barbara's wit, thoughtfulness, and steady attention to detail make working with her all the more rewarding.

—Gigi Saltonstall, Landscape Architect, Principal, Salt Studio

Our family's historic burial ground has had the privilege of Rolf's care since 1984. Tree Specialists has helped us with innumerable tasks, both small and large, over these many years, always with impeccable, expert, and even loving care. Their level of professionalism, communication, and scientific expertise is unmatched in my experience. It is a delight to work with them.

—Barbara Kantner, Landscape Steward, Family Burial Ground, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted – client since 1988,

Watching the work crew is like watching trapeze artists! They are amazing.

—Barbara Keough, Residential Client, Sherborn, MA

I have worked with various people within Tree Specialists over many years and am quite happy to recommend them to others. I find the science behind their work to be exemplary, and it supports every facet of their work. They have been around long enough to be sophisticated about addressing the challenges of difficult tree issues in difficult settings and the importance of managing their work while keeping the owner well informed. Lastly, they are good people and a pleasure to work with and learn from.

—Skip Burck, Landscape Architect, Principal, Richard Burck Associates, Somerville, MA

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary is an area where trees are generally left in their natural state. However, there is a nature center, parking lot, maintenance facility, and staff residences where trees sometimes need care. Tree Specialists has been caring for those trees for many years. We have found their staff to be professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous. They really know trees and how to care for them. They have removed white pines threatening a residence, cabled the huge branches of three ancient sycamores, removed the tops from large dead white ashes, left the stumps as roosts for birds as we requested, and helped prepare a beautiful sugar maple to survive upcoming construction near its roots. When we need people who know trees, we call Tree Specialists.

—Elissa Landre, Director, Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary, Natick, MA

I would recommend Tree Specialists to anyone who desires to have highly-trained arborists complete a job in an efficient, clean, and professional manner.

—New England Wildflower Society, Framingham, MA

I was very impressed with the skill, efficiency, and professionalism of the team. It was a pleasure to watch them work. They were very courteous and diligent in responding to my special requests, and I certainly appreciate the fact that their efficient work also resulted in a lower overall bill for me. Thank you for the excellent service.

—Gretchen Umholtz, Residential Client

As an ecological landscape architect, I have long appreciated the very knowledgeable advice Tree Specialists has given me and my clients about how to keep our trees healthy. Rolf Briggs and his crew of trained arborists are completely professional in their business practices and deeply passionate about nurturing trees in wild and managed landscapes. I trust them to do any tree care job right.

—Sue Reed, Landscape Architect, Principal, Susan Reed Associates, Shelburne Falls, MA

We were extremely happy and impressed with the arborists from Tree Specialists. Rolf planned perfectly for a delicate job of pruning large and dense trees on the property lines of our house and two neighbors. And our crew of Eric, James and Steven could not have been more professional, considerate, and conscientious in fulfilling the plan. A potentially stressful situation turned out to be a real pleasure - from now on our group of neighbors will only work with the Tree Specialists. And I actually look forward to the next time we'll see them!

—Dr. Jacques and Joy Reichling, Residential Client, Newton, MA

Rolf Briggs has been our arborist for 24 years. Tree Specialists has selected, planted, pruned, cabled, fertilized, and (when needed) removed numerous trees on our property. In fact, the house was sited on the lot with input from Rolf, to preserve as many specimen trees as possible.

From the beginning, all work has been meticulously performed, on schedule and as quoted. All the men working for Tree Specialists are consummate professionals and the quality of our property reflects their knowledge and passion. Work recommendations for care are based solely on the need of the tree, and until you've heard the arborists debate the "optimal angle of the cut while pruning," maybe their level of expertise cannot be appreciated.

Over the course of decades, Tree Specialists has created an arborscape for us that we cherish and enjoy every day. It's been worth every penny we've spent to protect our home from tree damage and increase the value of our property.

—Jon M., Westborough

Thank you so much for the great job you did spraying our trees for caterpillars this year! You saved our spring and summer - we can actually sit on our deck and patio and enjoy our home under our big trees. I barely see any in our yard where I previously had seen lots of newly hatched ones.

—Julie H.