Company Background

Tree Specialists was started by Rolf Briggs in 1981, while studying Arboriculture at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. While many of his peers were investing in cranes and whole tree chippers to expedite the removal and processing of tree parts, Rolf focused on developing structural pruning, bracing, and prescription fertilization techniques to stabilize and extend tree life.

Meet Our Team

42 years later, Rolf and his team of dedicated certified arborists are still at it. Whether it’s a single tree in a backyard, or a collection of hundreds on a private school campus, we have the staff, equipment, and know-how to help you meet your objectives. Our proven track record of completed tree care projects and satisfied clients demonstrates why Tree Specialists, Inc. is considered a premier tree care company in MetroWest Boston.

We’ve been Tree Specialist customers (and fans) for more than 20 years. Rolf, Barbara and all the crew members who’ve worked here over the years have done an outstanding job of tree care, landscape design, and plant health care. We feel lucky to know them and think they’re the best in the business.— Susan and Frank Tarantino, Residential Client, Wellesley, MA