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Feel free to call us to request a consultation, or complete our e-form and we will follow up with you. Our consulting arborists makes each initial consultation an educational visit, tailored to provide you with the essential recommendations to care for your trees or diagnose weak, risky or dying ones. If you are new with us, or have not worked with us within the past five years, we have an initial $60 consultation fee to cover our consulting arborists’ time and cost of travel

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I have worked with and relied upon Barbara’s horticultural services for nine years. I find Barbara’s horticultural expertise with plant communities, as well as planting and management best practices, to be invaluable to my work. Barbara’s high level of professionalism mixed with humor and warmth is a welcome addition to any project.— Elizabeth Gourley, Landscape Architect, Principal, Elizabeth Gourley Design, Belmont, MA