Seasonal Updates

Dear Valued Clients, 

Plant Health Care proposals were sent via USPS on 02/04/20.

We ask that you return your proposal to us as soon as possible to ensure that treatments are scheduled and completed in a timely manner. Please return your proposal to our office by Monday, March 2nd.

Here Are Some 2020 Highlights: 

Winter Moth and Gypsy Moth caterpillar populations have finally crashed!

These are different pests that cause similar injury to a wide variety of susceptible plant species in our area.  After years of performing treatments to minimize feeding damage and tree mortality, it appears that the populations of both of these pests are in severe decline.

European Winter Moth

A USDA program to rear and release a parasitic fly has dramatically reduced the populations of this pest throughout metrowest, south shore, and Cape Cod. Though still present to some degree in all of these areas, the populations are expected to stabilize as the host/prey relationship reaches “equilibrium”. We have been encouraged NOT to spray by State and Federal agencies, so as not to disrupt this process.

Gypsy Moth

Consecutive years of drought favored the rapid expansion of Gypsy Moth populations in scattered areas of Massachusetts during 2015 – 2018. Wetter conditions that favor a naturally occurring soil borne fungal pathogen, and a spike in a disease causing virus both helped to limit reproduction in 2019. We fully expect that 2020 will have similarly low populations, and will not be recommending spraying in spring/summer this year. This dramatic boom/bust cycle has happened many times over the years, and we will continue to monitor the situation in future years.

Tree Specialists does outstanding work in my experience. I couldn’t be more satisfied. And my trees couldn’t be happier and healthier as a result!— Andrew C., Residential Client