Seasonal Updates

Dear Valued Clients, 

Plant Health Care proposals were mailed to you on Monday, February 6th.  

We ask that you return your proposal to us as soon as possible to ensure that treatments are scheduled and completed in a timely manner. Please return your proposal to our office by Monday, March 6th.

As stated in our 2023 Plant Health Care letter, several new pests and diseases have entered our area: the Spotted Lanternfly, Beech Leaf Disease and Fungal Canker Disease on Arborvitae

Although, we do not expect to be treating for the Spotted Lanternfly this growing season, we do recommend familiarizing yourself with the species, and report any possible sightings. Click here to learn more about the Spotted Lanternfly.

Beech Leaf Disease is a serious disease and will rapidly weaken a tree. Click here to learn more about this particular disease and how it is spreading across Massachusetts. Scientists are actively researching this disease and while there is currently no curative treatment, we do recommend starting with nutritional amendments/systemic fungicides as soon as possible to boost Beech health and natural immune response. 

Fungal Canker Disease caused by Seiridium and Botryosphaeria is showing up on many arborvitaes. As mentioned in our letter, the symptoms can be dramatic, and the disease can be lethal. To learn more Click here

Please contact our office if you suspect one of these diseases is present in your landscape. 

Tree Specialists does outstanding work in my experience. I couldn’t be more satisfied. And my trees couldn’t be happier and healthier as a result!— Andrew C., Residential Client